Frequently Asked Questions About Modular Homes

From over 60 years experience and thousands of questions, below are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about Nationwide homes and building modular homes.

Question: How do I get pricing?

Answer: To get an actual detailed quote you will be referred to our approved Nationwide builder that services your area.

Question: Where are the savings when building using modular home construction vs. 100% site-built?

Answer: The savings occurs in material costs and time, which also equates to dollars. We purchase the same materials found in 100% site-built homes. The fact that we can purchase material in bulk allows for a discount we can pass on to you. The largest savings, however, comes from time. Unless you are paying cash for a new home, most people use a construction loan. With a construction loan, you are paying interest on the loan that does not attribute to your permanent loan. The longer it takes to build, the more interest you are paying. Modular construction is faster; therefore, saving you the extra interest payments that could be thousands.

Question: Where are Nationwide Homes available?

Answer: Our modular homes are available through approved builders in the following states: North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee and Georgia.

Question: What is a Nationwide modular home builder and why do I need to work with them?

Answer: An approved Nationwide builder is a licensed general contractor that builds homes using modular construction instead of building homes 100% site-built. Your contract will be with them, not Nationwide Homes. Nationwide Homes is a large subcontractor for the builder that includes engineering and marketing support.

Question: What if I want to do some of the finishing work myself?

Answer: Most of our homes are delivered 80% completed with the remaining finishing touches done when the home is on site. The Nationwide builder will complete the home onsite, but you can work with the builder to decide what items you would like to complete yourself.

Question: I’m interested in building using modular home construction. What’s the next step?

Answer: The first thing to do is confirm your price range. To do this, you need to get pre-approved for a construction to permanent loan. Visit your local bank or mortgage broker to learn more. Once you know your budget you can start searching for homes within your budget. To get full construction details and pricing, we will get you in contact with our approved Nationwide builder.

Question: Can I really customize my modular home?

Answer: Absolutely. The process starts by reviewing our 140+ plans to find the kind of home you want. The number of bedrooms, bathrooms and square feet can be used as the basis of the search and then the customization begins. We are able to alter many plans to fit the site to utilize the natural surroundings. If you have a plan from another website or book, just send us the floor plan and elevation to review so we can determine if modular home construction is possible.

Question: Are your homes “green?”

Answer: Yes

Question: Are there a lot of features to choose from?

Answer: Yes. We have hundreds of personalized features available from hardwood floors, variety of carpets, solid surface countertops, cabinets, plumbing fixtures, exterior features, etc. Our Nationwide builder may also have access to other features we may not promote. Our Nationwide builder has a product and décor manual that you can look through.

Question: What types of exteriors are available?

Answer: Any exterior you want and within your budget. Vinyl siding is standard, but you can upgrade to cement board (one popular brand known as Hardi plank), brick, rock, split log, and stucco. Roof shingles are standard, but you can get a metal roof, which will be purchased and installed onsite by our approved builder.

Question: Can I get a garage with your modular homes?

Answer: Yes. You can have a garage added to any of our homes. Some of our models already have the garage integrated into the floor plan, but most will be built onsite by the builder. Garages can be attached or detached. It’s your choice.

Question: What type of foundation can we have with your modular homes?

Answer: You choose from the same options as with site-building: any foundation you want, such as the most common crawlspace, basement, and piers, which are common on the coast or flood zone areas. There is also a raised slab foundation available.

Question: Are Nationwide’s modular homes off-frame?

Answer: Yes. This is the only way we build. There are no steel frames, axels or wheels that remain under our homes like you see with doublewide homes (HUD home) or hybrids. Check our page “Modular Homes Defined” to learn more.

Question: Can modular homes be built to withstand hurricanes?

Answer: There are no structures that are guaranteed to withstand the forces of Mother Nature, but it has been found that modular construction does in fact withstand hurricane strength winds better than homes 100% site-built homes. Our homes can be built to withstand 175 mph winds. We’ve build dozens of homes in the Florida Keys, which have some of the strictest building codes in the country.

Question: Do your modular homes come with a warranty?

Answer: Yes. There is a 1-year structural warranty, but you can purchase a 2-10 warranty from the Nationwide builder at the time of closing. Some builders include a 2-10 warranty with all homes they build. Be sure to ask the builder.

Question: Does Nationwide Homes offer financing?

Answer: We don’t have our own financing program. However, some of our approved Nationwide builders have contacts at financial institutes they could refer you to.

Question: Are modular homes approved for my area?

Answer: Yes. Modular homes are built to the same exact codes as 100% site-built homes. However, there are some neighborhoods that do not understand what modular construction is. We have the necessary information to provide any association if this occurs in your area.

Question: Any other information I need to know about modular home construction?

Answer: Yes. Have an open mind. Our floor plans can be customized to meet you and your families needs. The renderings shown are just that, renderings to provide some ideas. They are not how each home has to look unless you want that exact exterior look. You can have any exterior look you want that’s within your budget. The most important feature is the floor plan first. Does the floor plan work for you?

Question: Can I purchase my home direct from the factory?

Answer: No. We are a large subcontractor for our builders and not licensed to sell to non-licensed contractors/builders. Think of us as those dozens of carpenters you see at a jobsite during a 100% site-built home build compacted into one offsite location. The builder hires all those individuals to complete a task and must rely on them to be on time for work, be skilled at what they do, and have insurance to cover any accidents. Builders using modular construction don’t need to worry about delays, unskilled labor and extra expenses. These are all savings past on to the homebuyer – yourself.

Question: Will my home really be riding on the back of a truck?

Answer: Because of our centralized manufacturing facilities we do transport the modules to the site by truck using specially engineered carriers. Because of this our homes are constructed with more strength and durability than stick-built homes. The added strength not only protects the home during the delivery but it also means your home will stand up to the forces of Mother Nature better than most stick-built homes.

Question: What are Modules?

Answer: Modules are the sections that make up the complete home. Typically homes require two or four modules but we have built homes with eight! The modules are delivered to your site on specially engineered carriers and connected like large puzzle pieces. Each piece is connected to create the complete home. Even though they are sections you won’t be able to tell where they were joined after the final finishing process of the home on site. Once the modules are delivered the home can be completed and ready for move-in in as little as a few days. View our most popular video “Anatomy of the HiPerformance Modular Home-part 1” to learn about the process.

Question: Are homes really built faster?

Answer: Yes! The homes are completed faster because we have everything taken care of before the home goes into production. The plans are set, materials are taken care of and the crew is always ready to go. Building in the factory allows us to work year-round and not have to wait for Mother Nature to allow us to build. Homes can be completed in terms of weeks rather than months with stick building. The price savings from weeks to months can be thousands.

Question: Will my home be built to my local building codes?

Answer: Yes. We make sure that our homes are built the highest standards and comply with your local building codes. Every home must pass the same requirements as a 100% site-built home. We go the extra step and make sure our homes are inspected 300 times during the build so everything is the best it can be.

Question: Is financing easy for modular homes?

Answer: Our homes qualify for all mortgage programs. The same mortgage rules and regulations apply to purchasing a Nationwide Home as to a 100% site-built home. Assistance is also available in helping you to determine the financial program that best fits your needs.

Question: How do I as a builder benefit from Nationwide Homes?

Answer: You leave the construction to us. You will be able to rely on us as your planner, designer and workforce to complete the project. We have the plans, the crew and the ability to build a home from start to finish much faster than regular stick-building. We are your single source for engineering and marketing support.