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Our "Green Made Easy" promise.

No matter what level of Green you want for your family, Nationwide Homes has the right answer for you.

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HiPerformance Clarity

Nationwide takes the confusion out of Green home building.

Green is the buzzword these days, but as a consumer do you feel confident or confused when talking about Green building programs?

If you feel confused you're not alone!

There are over 50 different local and state Green building organizations with various definitions and standards that create tremendous confusion in the marketplace. Green is made more confusing by companies that rely on "window dressing" marketing that creates the illusion of substance rather than delivering true benefits.

It's no wonder home buyers are confused.

At Nationwide Homes, we have a Green building process we call "Green Made Easy". We put substance, not fluff, into our Green offerings. We have years of experience in high performance building and we will help you through the vast and sometimes confusing amount of information about Green home building.

HiPerformance Standard

Green is the standard at Nationwide.

  • Nationwide Green is not an expensive option, but included in every home we build
  • Nationwide is the original NAHB Bronze and Energy Star Ready modular builder

Simply, every home we build is Green. It is not an option and importantly it doesn't come at a premium price. Green starts with the fundamentals of our System Plus Construction. No matter what rating system is used (NAHB/National Association of Home Builders or LEED/Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), Green points are awarded for our basic construction processes that are simply not available in a site-built home. Green points are awarded for better use of materials, healthier products, healthier applications and minimized site disturbance to name just a few.

All Nationwide homes are built standard to meet NAHB's Bronze certification and the Energy Star Certified program requirements*.

HiPerformance Savings

Nationwide Green homes will save you money.

It's a fact.

  • Green homes have lower utility costs, healthier air quality and higher resale value than site-built homes
  • State, Federal and Regional tax credits are available to encourage the consumer to buy Green certified homes
  • Many utility companies offer discounts or rebates for building Green

Not only are Green homeowners using less energy, they are often paying less per unit of energy used! These Green credits vary by region and change frequently. At Nationwide Homes, we review these changes frequently to help you stay informed. We are your Green expert.

HiPerformance Choices

Nationwide Green goes from light Green to dark Green.

Nationwide has the resources to help you choose your level of Green-from light Green (Bronze) to the darkest shade of Green (Gold). We also have the experience to meet the needs of customers who want Green options that include solar, geo-thermal and more. A Green project must include a well rounded approach in seven areas.

Because "Custom" is our middle name, our experts can help you determine the level of Green that meets your specific needs. No matter what choices you make for your Green home, Nationwide has the practical and sustainable answer.

Green Building is a Whole-System approach to building that takes into consideration 7 factors. Most certification systems require the builder to take steps to meet minimum requirements in all 7. They are:

Lot design, Preparation and Development
Soil disturbance, protecting and enhancing the natural vegetation and landscaping.

Resource Efficiency
Reducing waste, recycling, enhancing durability and reducing maintenance.

Energy Efficiency
These requirements are adhering with Energy Star and result in lower utility costs. Designed for both comfort and efficiency.

Water Efficiency
Water conservation: low volume showerheads, dual flush toilets etc. all designed to reduce the use of water while maintaining a modern lifestyle.

Indoor Environmental Quality
Improving interior air quality includes reducing and eliminating pollutants and maintaining moisture control. We select and use materials with your health in mind.

Operation Maintenance and Homeowner Education
Educating the homeowner on how to properly maintain and operate the home for best performance. We help homeowners put Green living into practice.

Global Impact
Using products that are not harmful to the environment while partnering with other companies/suppliers that also work to protect the environment.

When you consider a home, ask what your builder does to make an impact on all seven categories.

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Top 10 Important Facts

What Customers are Saying About Our Custom Homes

"Dear Nationwide Custom Homes,

We would like to share with you our exceptional experience as repeat (two-time) Nationwide customers.

Eight years ago, we had the pleasure and satisfaction of building our first Nationwide Home with an independent builder. It was a recent job relocation that placed us in the position of having to sell that home and needing to acquire a new home and we knew that we wanted to build again. Although, we did consider the competition and explored our options with other builders, it was our first meeting with the staff at the Smith Mountain Lake office that made such an indelible impression that we were confident that Nationwide was the best and only choice to build our home again. The personal attention that Len Patridge, Linda DePierro, and Dawn Lane gave our family of 8 (2 parents and 6 kids) was remarkable. Having to drive over an hour to get to the office, we arrived less than an hour from closing. Without regard for time or consideration for their own personal commitments or obligations, they reached out to our family and patiently spent two hours listening to our needs and working with us to come up with a home that fit our family and budget. It was their knowledge, experience, and insight that guided and assured us that we would indeed have the dream home that we were looking for.

In addition, the commitment and devotion they brought to building our home made us realize and know that we weren’t just another “job” to them, but it made us constantly aware that they were working solely on our behalf and in our best interest. We were living in our camper during our entire homebuilding process, and Darrell Craig, our construction manager, made it his personal mission to get our family into “permanent” housing and in our home for the holidays. His coordinated efforts and diligence got us into our new home in less than two months from the time they broke ground.

Truly, the people who work from the Smith Mountain Lake office are extraordinary people and are a rare find. They are the type of people who represent companies well, give their companies a good reputation, and make their companies great. And when individuals like them, go above and beyond the call of duty and go the “extra mile” to get the job done, it is our personal belief that it would be inexcusable not to commend them and “give honor to whom honor is due.” We will forever consider the staff and contractors at the SML office our family friends, and should the need arise to build yet another home, there is no doubt to whom we will turn to get the job done.

We are also taking the liberty of sending a picture of our new Nationwide Home, and it is our hope that you would take comfort in knowing that we have been well served by your company representatives at Smith Mountain Lake.

Sincerely, The Harris Family "


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Quick Facts

Building with modular construction allows homes to be delivered up to 90% complete and built in one-third the time.